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    Role of Religion: The Crusades

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    What were the attitudes and reasons Christians in the West would be moved to go on a dangerous journey to fight in the Holy Land after hearing Pope Urban's II speech at Clermont in approximately 1095 c.e.? What do we learn about medieval values and the role of religion in that society?

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    Pope Urban II's speech, which helped to spark the crusades, reveals to us a time period where religion was a primary motivating factor in every aspect of people's lives. The people of that age believed that the church, under the leadership of the Bishop of Rome (the Pope), had the power to forgive their sins, which enabled them not only to escape hell, but also gave them the privilege of foregoing purgatory and entering immediately into heavenly bliss, if they died in obedience to the call of the church. It was this belief that drew thousands across Europe into the crusades. The Pope promised a plenary indulgence (forgiveness of all sins and the promise of ...

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    The role of religion and the Crusades are determined.