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    Can you please help me understand the differences between Islamic reformists and Islamic fundamentalists and describe the struggle between the two in their pursuit of an Islamic nation-state?

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    Islamic Reformists:

    The goals for Islamic Reformists is as follows:
    They desire for people to understand the religious texts, and why they should be reformed. Islamic Reformists wants to educate others on the difference between moderate Muslims as well as those that are Islamists. Through education, they want to have people whether or not they are Muslim to grasp that Moderate Muslims are also targets of terror. For those involved with this movement, they have a manifesto, which consists of their mistakes, Koran inconsistencies, the Koran and the Bible, the reason why reform is needed, accepting their own responsibilities, privacy within religion, equality, sharia law, versus that are out of date as well as practices, outdated words and phrases, the difference between Islam and violence, how prophets are portrayed in the midst of the religion, and how the crusades and the inquisition impacted it. Here is why they are wanting reform within their religion. The religion is not compatible with democracy and freedom. People can either comply to the 7th century practices, or choose to keep their rich heritage by reforming it.

    Muslims Against Sharia (2010). Islamic Reformist Movement. Retrived on August 29, 2010, http://www.reformislam.org/.

    Islamic Fundamentalists:

    Islamic Fundamentalists are those that believe in a set of beliefs that cannot get changed due to their principles that are quite religious and philosophical in nature. They believe that truth stands out more than error, show gratitude to others, creation of man and woman, and so forth. Some believe that their thinking is extreme, but in reality it is not. All they are holding to are their basic beliefs. No one is endanger at all. Basically, all they want is peace in the world with their beliefs. This says a lot for wanting to establish an Islamic nation-state. They want everyone to hold on to their principles within their religion.

    Mustaquim Islamic Art and Literature (2000). What is Islmaic Fundamentalism? Retrived on August, 29, 2010, http://www.mustaqim.co.uk/fundamentalism.htm.

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