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    What is the meaning of Islam?

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    What is the meaning of Islam? What are the basic concepts of Islam? Practices of Islam? Goal of Islam? View of authority in Islam? Qur'an serves as a primary source of information for Muslims just as the Bible does for Christians: What is the legal ideal in Islamic law? How does the Qur'an inform and guide Muslims in attaining this ideal? What is the relationship between philosophy and theology within Islam? Is it acceptable for Muslims to hold separate philosophical and theological beliefs? What artistic themes are regularly expressed in Islamic art and architecture? How are these themes explored? How has the Qurâ??an influenced the development of art in the Islamic world?

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    Thanks for the opportunity to address these very interesting questions. I will answer your questions in the order you phrased them:

    1. Meaning of Islam
    The word 'islam' comes from the Arabic word 'aslama' which means 'submission' (to God).

    2. Basic concepts of Islam
    There are five basic pillars of Islam are considered the foundation of Muslim life. They are
    1. Iman - Faith in the Oneness of God and that Muhammad is the final prophet;
    2. Salah - Daily prayers to be said five times ...

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    Learn the basic teachings, practices and goals of Islam.