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    The Resurgence, Appeal, and Thoughts of Islam in America

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    is there a resurgence of Islamic influence in the 20th century throughout the world? What appeals to being Muslim? what are most Americans thoughts about Muslims and the Islamic faith that are not Muslims?

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    Is there a resurgence of Islamic influence, in the 20th century, throughout the world?
    I will respond to the "20th century" reference first and then go on to respond to the "21st century" in case you required information on the present century.

    Industrially, in the 20th century, a few significant things happened to the "Muslim world":

    1. Parts of the Muslim world began to discover vast oil and natural gas deposits thus accumulating more money.

    2. The development of modern technology, such as high explosives and jetliners, made it possible for those sects of Islam that promote terrorism to increase their acts of violence with limited resources in other areas. Modern technology also assisted in the global movement of Muslims and for those Muslims who were victims of violence.

    3. The Islamic Revolution took place in Iran thus displacing many people.

    4. This one is as a result of No. 2, in Afghanistan, the mujahideen defeated the Soviet invaders (with considerable help from American technology and Saudi oil money). This also displaced many people.

    Socially, many Muslims have retained their identity as Muslims because it is not only a crucial part of their identity in the society that they live in but it is how they associate within their families. Family ties are very strong in Muslim ...

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