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Islamic Extremist Threats to the United States

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What are Islamic extremists? what are their threats to the United States? Where are they primarily located? What is their goals and ways of recruitment?

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Islamic extremist

What are Islamic extremists? What are their threats to the United States? Where are they primarily located? What is their goals and ways of recruitment?

The Islamic faith was born in the Arabian region of the world (Middle East) forming what is called the Muslim Religion. For most Muslims, true Islam signifies a code of conduct, the moral character and behavior, for which a Muslim must abide by in all aspect of their life. A good government, according to Muslims, is "one guided by the moral principles of their faith" (The 9/11 Commission Report, 2004, p. 50). The government should be mainly a secular paradigm consisting of religion and state combined without separation. However, Muslim leaders throughout history have practice separation of church and state with some resistance but full control.

Islamic extremists are fundamentalist who believe Muslims and Muslim governments should follow the principles of Islam set forth by the prophet without deviation. They believe modernity and western ideology has influenced and destroyed the true intent of Islam. Therefore, they despise these ...

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The solution provides a brief explanation of Islamic beliefs and the cause of Islamic extremism. It also establishes the how Islamic extremist view the United States and their views on western modernity.

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