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National Security Threats

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1. Which threat - physical border security, human trafficking, or narcotics trafficking - is the most important to the nation at this time?
2. How do the other threats impact the way in which we collect intelligence and combat the threats?
3. Is the United States spending enough on collection and analysis?
Please provide references and at least 200+ words.

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Step 1
Physical border security by way of threats from ISIS or the Islamic State, Iran, and North Korea represent the most important threats to our security. For example, ISIS is a terrorist groups and poses a threat of domestic attack. The threats from these sources is greater than the threat from human trafficking or narcotics trafficking (1).

Step 2
Intelligence collection is done through a cycle of planning & direction, collection, processing, production, & dissemination. The key to successful collection of intelligence is based on secure, rapid, ...

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This solution explains national security threats that are important and issues relating to collection and analysis of intelligence. The sources used are also included in the solution.