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    Traditional and nontraditional threats to security

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    May I please have a few assessment and predictions of the following:
    --Traditional and Nontraditional threats to national and international security.
    Articles of reference would be helpful, as well.
    Thank you so much for your willingness and support.

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    -Traditional and Nontraditional threats to national and international security.
    First it helps to define what are traditional threats and what are nontraditional threats. For me, the most traditional threats are things like potential for war, attacks on trade, and natural disasters. With those in mind, the threats of violence and war grow every year, while in some areas staying the same. What used to be a fear of super power threats, has now turned to more internal and small power threats, sometimes combined and other times used in small excursions with warlike features. The combined threats, are different and definitely not traditional at this point, so I will talk about them later, but they are in some ways like civil wars, an internal threat, except they spread. Violent uprisings and border wars like recently occurred in Georgia and in the Ukraine are good examples of continuing threats to national and international security. If one remembers, a Malaysian plane was shot down when Russian backed fighters struck the plane with surface to air missiles.
    Trade and attacks on trade come fast and furious. A single change in the currency market, or collapse of an industry in one country can affect the trade of the global market and national markets. For example, the problems with the banking industry in the U.S. caused a major global market problem that spread quickly. Those who seek to make extreme profits, intentionally expand these types of attacks on trade. Technology in the form of communications and the internet mean that changes can be made, sales completed, and industries sabotaged in the time it takes to write this sentence. A bombing of an oil field in one small part of one country can quickly escalate into a global price increase of ...

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    A review of some of the traditional and nontraditional threats to security, national and international.