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    Terrorism Concepts

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    Use real-life experiences:
    - Define terrorism and supported your definition with valid reasons.
    - Describe the status of noncombatants in a war of terror.
    - Describe the ethical dilemmas associated with war and terrorism.
    - Explain where terror fits within modern power struggles over control and definitions.
    - Explain what is the need to understand terrorism within political models.

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    Define terrorism and supported your definition with valid reasons.

    The ideology behind terrorism is predicated upon who believes they're being terrorized. Many countries that have suffered from the imperialistic policies of the United States over the last 60 years such as Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan would state that they've been terrorized as millions of their citizens have died at the hands of the United States Military Industrial Complex. Therefore, when defining terrorism, the narrator who is defining it is the individual that dictates what is considered terrorism. In the current political climate, this narrative is dictated by the alleged Islamic extremist terrorist, that the West has deemed a terroristic threat. The 9/11 attacks and the recent French hostage situations and murders have all been defined as ...

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    This solution of 523 words defines terrorism and discusses concepts of terrorism with real-life experiences such as status of noncombatants, ethical dilemmas, modern power struggles, and political models.