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The Rise of Islam

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I would like to learn and gain more knowledge about Church History and why the rise of Islam vs. Christianity.

Discuss how the rise of Islam through the century affecting our current Christian society.

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I think you are trying to see how Islam affects America today. This is what your topic suggests, since you use the term "current Christian society." Yet, you use the phrase "rise of Islam." Normally, that phrase is used to describe the founding and expansion of Islam under Mohammed and his successors.

The first concept is that to call the US today a "Christian society" is problematic. It is a secular society entirely (for better or worse).

Anyway, a good place to start is a Civil Right Division government report here: http://www.usccr.gov/pubs/sac/dc0603/ch3.htm
It is quite pro-Islamic.
PBS has something quite similar: http://www.pbs.org/weta/crossroads/about/show_muslim_americans.html
and another, approaching Islam by and for a Christian audience,
Very professional: http://www.wrmea.com/backissues/0596/9605013.htm

Another helpful book is Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History, Volume 1;By Edward E. Curtis, IV, available on Google Books.

There are three books named Islam in America. ...

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This solution clearly investigates the rise of Islam through the century and its impact on our current Christian society. References are also infused.