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    A Short Discussion of the Rise of Islam

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    Please provide some notes about the rise of Islam, from positives like cultural improvements and negatives such as war and control over other local religions.

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    IN THE SHADOW OF THE SWORD The Birth of Islam and the Rise of the Global Arab Empire. Review Kirkus Reviews. 4/1/2012, Vol. 80 Issue 7, p703-704. 2p.

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    There are always different interpretations associated with how a religion rose to power as some sources will state that Islam rose to power through effective governance, religious enlightenment for the uncivilized Arabs in the region, and a revolution in cultural renaissance. In contrast, others will argue that the religion of Islam was spread through the sword from its onset with the primary purpose being to create an empire. I will touch on both of these subjects in this summary and provide a comprehensive overview of how historians interpret the spread of Islam in the Ancient world from its inception until it eventually became one of the most powerful and greatest civilizations in the Ancient world.

    First, there are historians who claim that prior to Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, there was a dearth in culture with most people illiterate and lacking civilized ways of living, politics, and economic structure. Therefore, those who interpret the rise of Islam within this viewpoint believe that Islam brought intellectual awareness and cultural to a region that was ignorant and mired in darkness regarding cultural understanding. The ...

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    The Solution provides four references and nine paragraphs in discussion of the rise of Islam and it's beginnings, as well as the cultural and societal changes that Islam brought to the world.