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Islam paper

This job offers help within these areas:
1. Introduction of the religion
2. Name, location and review of the site.
3. Interview summary
4. Comparing and contrasting with another religion
5. Conclusion
6. References

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Hello. Here is the advice which you need to start this project.

I have attached a pdf document, which is a public lecture I gave recently on Islam. It answers many of your questions and provides you with a good deal of information relating to your topic. It is in an easy-to-read format as it was delivered as a lecture and not as a written document.

I need an outline, and some starter tips for an informative 2000-2500 word paper about Islam religion.

See below. Incidentally, never call it the "Islam religion". Call it the Muslim religion, or the Islamic religion.

In addition to the paper a list of interview questions and answers I would ask someone during my visit to a mosque and from the answers in the interview write how it compares to Christianity.

Here are the sorts of questions that would be appropriate to ask of a Muslim who is a responsible person in a mosque. He would probably be known as an imam.

What are the beliefs that all Muslims hold, no matter which ...

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Ideas for an exploration of Islam are generated.