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    Contrasting Islam and Buddhism

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    Please help so that I can complete my World Religions Report in Islam and Buddhism.

    My report will need to contain the following elements:
    1. Introduction of the religion
    2. Name, location and review of the site.
    3. Interview summary
    4. Comparing and contrasting with another religion
    5. Conclusion
    6. References

    I have the personal interview information. I just need some other ideas/thoughts. Thank you.

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    Let's look at the sections of the paper other than your personal interview information and summary sections that you will need to complete based on your findings. It will be fairly easy to take it to the next step and write your final copy.

    RESPONSE: (Also see WORD document)

    1. Introduction of the religion

    The world religion of Islam is built upon the five pillars of faith by Muhammad. that defines the essential elements of Islam. Though the followers of Islam honor several prophets, Muhammad is considered the last prophet and his words and lifestyle are that person's authority (Adamson, 2000). This paper provides the findings of an interview of a person of the Islam faith, an interview summary, as well as compares and contrasts Islam to Buddhism.

    2. Name, location and review of the site.

    You will need to name and provide findings from interview.

    3. Interview summary

    You will need to provide a summary of your findings.

    4. Comparing and contrasting with another religion.

    My understanding is that you interviewed a person of the Islamic faith, and are comparing it to Buddhism. Let's compare the two faiths on several dimensions for you consider for your final paper.

    Comparing Islam and Buddhism

    Buddhism has both similarities and differences with Islam. In the Islamic faith, for example, when a person becomes a Muslim, she or he should implement the five pillars of faith in her or his daily life. The five pillars of faith are:

    (1)Testimony of Faith - Shahada
    The followers must witness to two individuals that a)There is no god except Allah and b)Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.
    2) Five daily worships - Salaat
    3) Fasting in the month of Ramadan- Sawm
    4)Donation to charity - Zakat
    5)Pilgrimage to Mecca once in your life Hajj (Comparing Buddhism, Christianity and Islam).

    A Muslim also should believe the Shahada in his heart with a firm conviction and unshakeable faith in order to be a new-born person, and behave accordingly. S/he must apply this faith to every thing ...

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