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    Compare Jainism and others clearly.

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    Religions of the world differed under the claim that its principle of salvation was the one true expression of faith, and the rest were false. As claimed in Buddhist holy texts, there is true salvation only within Buddhism. Thus, within this precept, no salvation is possible outside Buddhism (Promenta, 2010). Within the same understanding, Jainism arose along with other Indian religions such as Buddhism and Ajivika. Jainism was based upon principles of realism and focused upon the reality of the external world. It is considered pluralistic, because it holds a belief in many ultimate realities (Aleaz, 2002). The Jainism religious philosophy, introduced by Vardhamana Mahavira (599-527 B.C.), a contemporary thinker of Buddha became a prominent force in India (Aleaz, p.3).

    The Jainism philosophy explained reality as substances (dravyas) classified into souls (Jivas) and non-souls (ajivas). Explained in Jainism were views on the soul and matter that included: the soul is viewed as external spiritual substance that goes from one body to another; ajiva and matter (pudgala); the principle of motion (dharma); the principle of rest (adharma); space (akaja); and time (kala). Karma is a type of mater which enters the soul and causes bondage. There is no god and the world is self-existent and eternal (Aleaz, ...

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