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    Science, Culture & Religion: Common Ground

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    For all the discussion of conflicts between science and culture, there are times when science and culture work very well together. One great example of this cooperation took place in the 1990s around the issue of climate change and greenhouse gases. A very large group of well-known scientists and religious leaders from around the United States collaborated on an appeal to convince the U.S. government to do something about our nation's polluting habits.
    read this document: http://www.ecd.bnl.gov/steve/jointappeal.html
    In a 400-word paper, answer the following questions:
    1. What common ground do religious groups and science share in this appeal?
    2. In general, what are the common interests of science and religion?
    3. It turns out that many scientists are religious believers how can these two ways of viewing the world work well together?

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    Is it possible that in our search for some basic reality, we humans may discover that although religion and science have always seemed to be in different places, the conclusion they will ultimately reach will be the same thing? What is God? Energy, Spirit, Universal Consciousness, Singular, Unilateral? According to philosopher David Hume, God is not different from the order that exists in the universe1. As physics becomes more complex, as science advances to the next level, and as the debate between strict science and religion intensifies, we find that more and more the two worlds are moving closer together in the belief that the two can coexist, and are not at the opposite end of the spectrum Even popular novels and movies are now showing the world that the two are not always contrary (see. Dan's Brown's "Angels and Demons," for example) .

    Science, however, is based on ...

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    A solution discussing the common ground that science and culture, particularly religion share resulting to an uneasy but necessary partnership (see original problem).