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    Science and Culture

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    How does Dacy explain the connections between scientific study and cultural beliefs and values? How does the concept of formal science relate to his position? What are some of the cultural applications of science?

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    Dacey on Science and Culture

    Austin Dacey's 2004 essay 'Science and the Public: Is Science Making Us More Ignorant?' is a critical effort in that it proposed for science in context with social life. He proposed that it is high time for science and 'the public'/society to integrate. Science, he believes, is just a little out of reach of the social sphere making science and society separate elements when in fact they should be tied together. He declared (2004),

    "Is science making us more ignorant? Surely, scientific knowledge is increasing... the scientific ignorance of laypeople increases with each increase in specialists' knowledge, since most laypeople can't keep abreast of advancing science."

    " Throughout most of human history, people have gotten a handle on such questions by way of common sense, religion, philosophy, literature and art, educational and civil institutions, and assumptions embedded in natural language itselfâ?"in short, by way of their culture...Emerging science clearly speaks to central cultural questions...This is an opportunity for a new line of inquiry..."

    "We are familiar with the idea that science has technological and medical ...

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    The solution looks at the essay by Austen Dacy on the topic of the relationship between scientific study and cultural beliefs/values. The topic of formal science and cultural applications of science is also discussed.Refetences are listed.