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Society and culture

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What is the difference between society and culture? Provide three specific examples of each and explain how you think they could affect scientific discovery.

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Society & Culture

Society, or human society is how we describe and refer to the grouping of people whose lives are connected via cultural, economic, political and social relations. While it can also be used to refer to a national or a regional grouping of people (i.e. American Society, Western Society, Chinese Society), it is largely in reference to a massive grouping of people with patterns of social interactions and relationships between them. It is via these relationships that informal and formal social relations are established. People who come together as a society identify themselves as part of that society, actively participating in activities as well as in the institutions that are fundamental to that society. An example of such structures include government, churches ...

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The difference between society and culture as well as how they relate is discussed and explained in this solution. References are listed as well. A word version is also attached.

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