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    Importance of Humanities

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    • Why is the study the humanities important? (100)
    • What factors can lead to the growth of a society or culture? (100)
    • How can interaction with other cultures or societies influence and benefit a culture? (100)
    • How are art and culture reflective of the changing concepts of nature, society, and the individual? (100)

    100 words per question (1 credit each)

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    I think that the study of the humanities is important due to the fact that it helps us to understand human beings and human culture much better. In addition, it provides us with a perspective as to how human culture has evolved throughout the centuries, as well as the differing internal and external variables that have caused the changes in human culture in the past and continue to do so at the present time. It is also important to study the humanities due to the fact that they provide us with deep insight into the social interactions in different cultures and societies, as well as the thinking patterns in various cultures that have led to differing and unique developments in religion, languages spoken, philosophical perspectives, etc.

    I think that the factors that can lead to the ...