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Sociological Theory, Culture, Society & Research Methods

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What is sociological theory?

Explain the relationship between culture and society. How are these concepts connected in the field of sociology?

What methods do sociologists use to conduct research regarding culture and society?

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The solution provides an insight on the meaning and nature of sociological theories and how it is used in the field of sociology. Culture and society is also explained in relation to sociology as well as samples of methods used in conducting research.

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Sociological theory is a framework, or actually this should say theories, so it would be frameworks used by sociologists to explain how societies work. These frameworks are complex and they are used to explain the actions, structures, and processes within the structure work. For example, social theory such as Weber's bureaucratic theory would explain how government in a country works for a people, though slowly and methodically because there are certain things that must be completed and occur within the government and only specific people with specific jobs can do them.

Culture is how a society is defined. Societies are groups of people, or a single person. Societies usually have common interests, goals, and ideals. They define themselves through culture. Culture is not a single thing, but all things that the society does, has, participates in, creates. A good example is the Native American culture throughout the Americas. They are not a single entity, yet they are. They are all defined by their love of the earth and use of it in ...

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