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    Using a minimum of 300 words, answer the following:

    Knowing that you have mastered the material on research methods listed below, the President has hired you to study the problem of illegal immigration. Before you set up your research design you must decide which theory make the most sense in understanding illegal immigration. Explain your view of which of the following makes the most sense in this context:

    Symbolic interactionism
    Functional analysis
    Conflict theory

    Then, in light of this theory, which research method would you use to study the issue of illegal immigration? Be specific in describing the method and explain the justification for your choice of method.

    The different research methods are: Surveys: Participant Observation (Fieldwork): Case Studies: Secondary Analysis: Documents: Experiments: Unobtrusive Measures:

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    Illegal Immigration & Sociological perspectives

    Illegal immigration is a social issue that is also considered a public problem primarily because it has a systemic effect on American Social Structures. Consider this - if the tide of illegal immigration across US borders with Mexico is not regulated and all together stopped, it feeds the underground culture of illegal employment, employment abuse, human trafficking and illegal drugs trafficking. Thus it feeds criminal elements both in the US & Mexico becoming the root of key social issues like corruption, prostitution, illegal drugs & human trafficking. Now, to look at the specific elements of a particular public problem/social issue, it is important to use a sociological perspective. . Sociological perspectives are viewpoints from which we study and understand ...

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