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Structural Functionalism and Marxism

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Describe the basic tenets of Functionalism and Marxism. Who are the theorist(s) and what are the sources of the theories (key articles or books)? Analyze the relationship between the too. Why are these theories so important to the social sciences?

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The solution provides information, assistance and advice on the theories of functionalism and Marxism. Their theorists are discussed as well as the relationship between them to explain their importance in the social sciences. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.

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Theories: Functionalism and Marxism

In the social sciences, functionalism and Marxism are among the more discussed and utilized theories. They are used as lenses and perspectives to explore and study social issues and systems. Functionalism (also known as structural functionalism) sees society as a complex collection of working elements - each part has its own function so that when working together, it creates solid and stable society. This is essentially a macro-theory that looks at the structure of society and the varied systems and elements that make it up - structures (i.e. organizations like churches, governments and groups like families) and agents (all human beings that populate society). Social issues result from systems and ...

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