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    Criteria for defining popular culture

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    Determine a criteria for defining modern popular culture.

    Explain how popular culture has in some way defined you, or how you "refuse" to be defined by popular culture.

    Please include 2 references in APA format.

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    Determine a criteria for defining modern popular culture.

    Culture by design is a summary of how people live and what separates the custom of one geographical area to the next. Modern culture's major aspects of separation can be defined based on the style of drafting the choices of food and the custom of habit such as television watching, parades to celebrate events, eating habits.

    "Culture is a way of life at a particular time, though dynamic it has a very strong element of consistency. It involves practices and shared values that are considered the norm among a group of people at that time. These values and practices are learnt through social interactions and distinguish the group from others. Culture is the single most powerful influence on how we perceive the world and everything in it. Anyone who does not share in our culture will always appear odd and they will think the same of us.

    Every society has a culture that carries its social rules. These rules are an unwritten code of conduct which is learnt ...

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