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Family Dysfunction: Sex and Gender

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Define and give examples of how sex, gender, and culture play a part in defining family roles. To the extent that you are open to sharing the information, what part did gender roles play in your family when you were young? Was your family a traditional gender role family?

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Media plays a huge role in defining family roles. The ideal family consists of a mother, father, and in many cases 2 kids. The sitcoms that aired a long time ago showed the traditional family. You would have a father that worked and a mother that stayed home and cared of the house and kids. Shows like the Brady Bunch are long gone. Then, you had shows like I Love Lucy that never showed the married couple in bed together. Back then, they had separate beds! Fast forward a couple of years and then you had shows like The Cosby Show. It had the same morals and principals, but it had a mother that worked full time and cared for her family. When it comes to commercials, all you see is sex now! You can't even look at a toothpaste commercial without it being ...

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The solution discusses what are some traditional roles in family in terms of sex, gender, and culture? This solution explores this subject.