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Human sexualityand psychosexual development

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Please assist me with creating a draft PowerPoint presentation in which these human sexuality concepts are discussed:

- Incorporate information about the biology of human sexuality and the sexual response cycle into the presentation

- Analyze the biological, cultural, and psychological issues related to sexuality (Gender, sexual functioning, sexual orientation, relationship configurations, and the sexual response cycle) and family and couples functioning

- Incorporate information about psychosexual development over the life span into the presentation

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This solution provides a power-point presentation that discusses human sexuality. It analyzes the biological. cultural and psychological issues related to sexuality.

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Power Point Presentation - Discussion Info

Slide 1:
Title Page: Human Sexuality and Couple' Sexual Functioning

Slide 2:
Overview - The focus of the research

Slide 3:
Introduction - Discuss current views and controversies
A good source is the work of Peplau (2003) that explains the human sexuality of men and women and why the sexuality is differentiated. For example, men show greater sexual desire than women; women place greater emphasis on committed relationships in a context of sexuality; men are more aggressive than women. In addition, women are more malleable (Capable of changing); men and women differ on feelings and behavior. Finally women have greater plasticity than men - they can easily be shaped by cultural, social and situational factors (p. 38).

Slide 4:
Discussion of the sexual response cycle: Research indicates that much of the older work on the response cycle (Particularly for females) was limited to factors such as sexual satisfaction, orgasmic ability, or the frequency of intercourse. These earlier literary works focused on sexual responses that were more characteristic of men. Later researchers (E.g., Masters & Johnsons (1961 as cited in West, Vinikoor, & Zolnoun, 2004)) explored responses such as: a. Desire
b. Excitement
c. Arousal
d. Resolution that reflect women' sexual experiences

Thus, a conceptualization of female sexual dysfunction was lacking until the works of Masters and Johnson, and Kaplen (1977 as cited in West et al, 2004) who extended Masters and Johnsons 'work.

For example, the prevalence of female sexual dysfunctions was differentiated in into four major components, desire, arousal, orgasmic and sexual pain disorder. Also significant when discussing the sexuality and/or ...

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