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Freud's Five Stages of Psychosexual Development

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Can you help me list two of the five stages of Freudian psychosexual development and briefly describe each. How can the understanding of Freud's stages be useful in modern consideration of personality? Discuss the difference between the pleasure principle and the reality principle. How might these be observed in adult behavior?

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1. Two of Freud's stages of psychosexual development are: 1. the Oral stage and 2. the Anal stage (the other three are the Latency stage, the Phallic period and the Genital stage). The two descriptions below are of the Oral and Anal stages:

a. The Oral stage - Begins at birth and is associated with the oral cavity, which is the primary focus of libidinal energy (psychic energy). In this stage, the child is preoccupied with nursing (i.e., utilizing his mouth). For instance, in the first pleasure principle of sucking, the oral character of the child is frustration when the mother refuses to nurse him on demand. Based on freudian analysis, this stage ends with the primary conflict of weaning, which deprives the child of the sensory pleasures of nursing and of the psychological pleasure that comes from maternal support (e. g, care, compassion, mothering, etc.). The stage lasts approximately one and one-half years (Stevenson, 1996).

b. The Anal stage - Begins at one and one-half years in which toilet training becomes a part of the erogenous zones (comprised of the anus and the expulsion of feces). As explained by the Freudian theory, conflicts occur in this stage between the Id, which derives pleasure from these bodily processes, and the ego and super ego that represent pressures from rules in ...

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This solution discusses two of Sigmund Freud's five stages of Psychosexual development. It describes a contemporary use of tow Freudian principles; and how the principles may be observed in adult beh

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