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General Systems versus Cybernetic Views of Sexuality

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-what are some of the strengths and limitations of a general systems perspective of sexuality and gender issues.
-Identify some strengths and limitations of a cybernetic view of sexuality and gender issues.

at least 2 strengths and limitations of both views, support with apa resources..

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Research suggests that treatment for sexual dysfunctions s are often ineffective, and the individuals relapse, or don't complete therapeutic sessions. According to Martin (1995), the link between depreciating expressions and sexual activity is a central feature of sexual dysfunction. Despite the increase in problem information about sexuality, information concerning sexual experience linked to stereotyped or absent altogether from studies. Sexual issues from a general system's perspective are approached with couples focused on several biological interventions. According to Sanders and Tomms (1989), sexual ideas, values, expectations and activities vary. For instance, the sexual activity may include a variety of experiences including: (a) physical arousal, (b) psychological arousal, (c) interpersonal intimacy, (d) uniqueness, (e) bonding, and (f) producing offspring.

In addition, these levels of sexual activity add to the complexity of sexual tension for adolescents and adults. Thus, because many issues of sexuality remain constrained by the privacy and the family and social sexual ideas, the symptoms are often viewed as sexual dysfunction. Therefore, many couples seek help from marital and family therapists relating to sexual functioning that include concerns such as: (a) patient fidelity, (b) sexual abstinence, or (c) how should they be performing sexually. Sanders and Tomms view themselves as not functioning sexually relative to past experiences, or in relation to the performance of others. The strength of the general sexual issues approach comes primarily from behavioral interventions ...

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This solution compares the strengths and limitations of general systems and cybernetic views of sexuality.

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