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Individual Psychology vs. Systems-Cybernetic Perspectives

Compare and contrast the issue of presenting problems from an individual psychology perspective and from a Systems-Cybernetic perspective. Be sure to include examples to show your understanding of the differences between individual psychology and a more systemic approach to presenting problems. Include definitions of context, circular causality, and interactional cycles.

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Individual psychology can be seen as one person seeking help from a psychologist for his or her individual "problem". Or it can also be when a family seeks help from a psychologist because of an "anorexic teenager", as the "identified patient". The problem is thus viewed as one person's problem. It may be seen as the person's fault and the person's responsibility to "fix".

Systems-Cybernetic Psychology views the "problem" as the problem and not one person in the system. So for example, if we were to refer to the anorexic teenager as mentioned above, the ...

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The solution compares individual psychology vs. systems-cybernetic perspectives.