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    Human Development: Cognitive and Psycho-social Components

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    Describe cognitive and psycho-social components of human development.

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    Describe cognitive and psycho-social components of human development

    One way to approach a question like this is go to empirical research to see the variables the researchers are investigating as part of cognitive research; likewise for the psychosocial components. Another way is to look up the theories associated with these two variables. For example, Erikson was interested in the psychosocial components of human development; whereas, Piaget and Vygotsky, fro example, were interested in intellectual and cognitive components of human behavior.

    In general, the term cognition and cognitive is used in several different loosely related ways. In psychology it is used to refer to the following components of human development:

    1. the mental processes of an individual, with particular relation to a view that argues that the mind has internal mental states (such as beliefs, desires and intentions)
    2. It can be understood in terms of information processing, especially when a lot of abstraction or concretization is involved, or processes such as involving knowledge, expertise or learning for example are at work. It is also used in a wider sense to mean the act of knowing or knowledge, and may be interpreted in a social or cultural sense to describe the emergent development of knowledge and concepts within a group that culminate in both thought and action. (1)

    As mentioned briefly above, the sort of mental processes described as cognitive or cognitive processes are largely influenced by research which has successfully used this paradigm in the past. Consequently this description tends to apply to processes such as,
    3. memory, attention, perception, action, problem solving and mental imagery. Traditionally emotion was not thought of as ...

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