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Developmental theories

The cognitive developmental theory was developed by Jean Piaget; Lev Vygotsky developed Sociocultural Theory of Development. Eric Erikson is identified with psycho-social development theory eight stages of development. Include whether each theory is classical or contemporary.

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As you describe the cognitive developmental theory by Jean Piaget, I deem it as classical. This theory reflects the beliefs that people "actively organize their world into coherent systems" (http://faculty.weber.edu/jabird/chf2750/Psychological/Piaget%20Intro.pdf) using schema.

This theory also relies heavily upon four life stages. Piaget suggests, "As the person matures and develops his/her structural abilities for organizing new information, thinking becomes more complex - this produces stages" (http://faculty.weber.edu/jabird/chf2750/Psychological/Piaget%20Intro.pdf).

Like steps on a ladder, Piaget's theory is also rooted in predictable patterns. Piaget believes that development happens in a pattern where "A person must pass through each stage before going on to a new, more complex. Each stage sees the elaboration of new mental abilities that set the limit and determine the character of what can be learned at that period" ...

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