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    Child Development and Theory

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    I need ideas for my paper. I would like you to explain each of the developmental theories and give me an example of what a child would do in each developmental theory.

    Observe at least three children. After observing the children and studying the theories described , write a paper in which you choose one of the five theoretical approaches (psychodynamic, behavioral learning, social-cognitive learning, cognitive, or contextual approaches) as your preference for understanding human development. The paper will be four to five pages (350 words per page) long and contain the following elements:

    a. Your rationale for choosing your preference and for not choosing the others
    b. Descriptions of the observations of the children
    c. Descriptions of how you saw evidence of the theory in your observations
    d. A reference list

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    This solution explains the developmental theories and gives an example of what a child would do in each developmental theory.