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    Theories of Jean Piaget For Human Gognitive Development

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    Examine the view of young children and their care in Early Childhood Education from theorist, Jean Piaget.
    Identify the influence of theorist, Jean Piaget that aligns with current views of early childhood education. Describe the theory and provide three reasons which support these.

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    This response shall summarize the theories of Jean Piaget, show how these ideas align with current views of early childhood education and provide three reasons that the theory is supported.

    Jean Piaget(1896-1980) started at an early age to be a biologist with an interest in molluscs before becoming well known for his development of cognitive development theory in children. It's notable that the early fascination with biology influenced his choice of terms for cognitive development theory. The work has the influence of the formal life sciences throughout. He was a protege of Binet, the developer of intelligence tests during his early career. Piaget published over 50 books, 500 papers and 37 volumes during his career, with most of the work devoted to the topic of cognitive development and finding an answer to the question, "How do people learn?".(Jean Piaget Society)

    Jean Piaget described four steps in the cognitive development of a child. These steps are:

    4.)Formal Operations

    The sensorimotor stage lasts from birth until the age of two. The child learns from sensation and movement. For example, this is a time when the game of a parent hiding behind a blanket to block the view of the child and then re-appearing is significant. The child is learning that he/she is separate from his/her ...

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    The theories of Jean Piaget regarding cognitive development in children are listed and explained in detail in this solution. Some biographical information about Piaget is included. References are listed. This is a well written, perfect solution for any researcher in need of early childhood development theory explanation of Jean Piaget.