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Piaget and Democratic Education

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How do Jean Piaget theories of child development relate to Democratic Education?

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Jean Piaget is likely one of the best known and most-cited theorists of the 20th century when it comes to notions of childhood development. Indeed, his name is associated with the very idea that young people mature along a course of distinct phases which all normally developing children have in common. Such notions, similar to those of Montessori and Steiner covered previously, fall under the rubric of what Alexander (1984) calls 'sequential developmentalism', or,

"...the idea that the child passes through a naturally ordered sequence of physiological, psychological and social developments where...the rate of development will vary from child to child (but) the sequence and stages will be the same. Linked with developmentalism (is) the notion of 'readiness' particularly in relation to reading - the idea that children's capacity to cope with specific sorts of learning is determined by the ...

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The solution discusses the theories of Piaget and the effect it had on democratic education. It also addresses some of the problems this theory has when used in schools. The text contains 480 words.

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