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    Theories Biological Aspects of Aging

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    Psychologists use the biological aspects of aging, from birth through old age, to understand the changes in behavior. One of the aspects of human development is the development of moral reasoning or, in more practical terms, maturing. In other words, social skill development is an important part of understanding how children, adolescents, and even adults interact with each other and make the important, often moral, decisions.

    Two important theorists who worked on childhood and moral development were Jean Piaget and Erikson. Write an essay comparing the work of these two theorists. In Chapter 6 read the information on Erikson and Piaget and answer the following.

    Briefly describe Piaget's and Erikson's theories about the stages of development.
    Explain the differences and similarities between the two theorists in how they approached development.
    Explain whether Piaget's and Erikson's explanations of social and moral development are applicable to today's children.
    Submit your essay in a 1- to 2-page Cite your sources on a separate page using the APA forma

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    Jean Piaget's Period of Cognitive Development

    Sensorimotor: Birth to 2 years
    Learning is active, infants use senses and motor experiences, no reflective thought, learn object permanence or constancy

    Preoperational: 2 to 6 years
    Begin to use symbolic thought and language. Thinking is egocentric. Language becomes important in understanding world.

    Concrete Operational: 6 to 11 years
    Understanding logic and apply it. Thinking limited to what can be seen or directly experienced. Understand concepts of ...

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    The theories of the biological aspects of aging is examined.