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    Problems and Solutions Associated with Aging

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    Can you explain two problems and/or conditions associated with aging? Then identify and describe strategies that can be used to mitigate the impact of these conditions or improve the problems/conditions you described.

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    (1) An explanation of two problems and/or conditions associated with aging.

    (a) Age-related Cognition

    Researchers suggest that potential psychosocial problems develop as people age. For example, aging leads to a decline in physical, emotional and cognitive functioning. In later stages of adulthood (beginning at age 60), there is an actual decline across the lifespan. Santrock (2006) provides explanations as to why people age. For instance, according to the biological theory, a "biological limit" is placed on the number of times that a cell can divide and multiply. Thus, after the limit has been reached, the cells begin to die and aging occurs. Cognitive factors include verbal comprehension, memory, ability, perception and reasoning, language processing and problem-solving skills that are stated to decline as individuals grow older. From a physical perspective, factors of intelligence are focused on one's physical abilities such as motor skills and physical abilities. Factors that contribute to cognitive deficits in older people are depression (e.g. lack of life satisfaction) and loneliness. For instance, depression becomes more common as people approach the end of life, and ...

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    This solution discusses the topic of aging, in terms of related problems and conditions. This is completed in about 600 words and includes 6 references. Both biological and societal factors are discussed as factors influencing aging.