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Aging on Cognitive Development

Effects of Aging on Cognitive Development

Create a news release for your community to discuss the effects of aging on cognitive development. Address the following:

1) Evaluate the effects of aging on cognitive development.
2) Provide two examples of scholarly research that support the points in your news release.

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1) Evaluate the effects of aging on cognitive development.

Research shows that even under the most optimal circumstances, aging causes decline and the deteriorating of multiple organs and systems for the elderly. For instance, aging leads to a decline in physical, emotional and cognitive functioning (Herndon, 2010). He asserts that while age-related cognitive decline is common and inevitable, the need exists to achieve better understanding of age-related changes in cognition such as: (a) studying brain substrates, (b) understanding the sources of individual variability in aging trajectories, and (c) learning how to develop intervention designed for specific profiles of decline.

For instance, cognitive factors such as: (a) comprehension, (b) memory, (c) ability, (d) perception and reasoning, (e) and (f) language and problem-solving skills are stated to decline as individuals grow older. The reason given is that the brain is not considered static, but is a flexible response systems (Santrock, 2006). He cites other factors that can also contribute to cognitive deficits in older people such as: (a) depression (e.g. lack of life satisfaction) and ...

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