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Lifespan Development and Social Change

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What can be expected in studying lifespan development and explain how study in lifespan development can contribute to your being a scholar-practitioner who effects social change.

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This solution discusseses life span development as it affect bothe the scholar-practitioner and social change.

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(1) What can be expected in studying lifespan development?

Lifespan development consists of the survival, growth and developmental changes that take place from infancy through late adulthood (Santrock, 2006). Research shows that human growth and development is marked by physical, cognitive, personality and social changes. There are many changing patterns that occur throughout the lifespan. For example, the stage of early adulthood marks a transition from youth that involves role changes such as completing school or entering the labor market, moving away from parents' home, marriage and parenthood (Huinink, 1990). In addition, studies on the psychological functioning among the aging provide a good reason for studying lifespan development. According to Smith & Baltes (1997), as people enter into late adulthood, studying lifespan development is beneficial to understand reasoning and cognitive abilities. In general, research has focused on the diminishing capacity of older adults; however, later research has revealed that many older people maintain intellectual accomplishment, and studies show that the reasoning abilities of older persons can ...

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