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Lifespan Development - Heredity and Environment

Need help with 700 words explaining the life span perspective of development.
- Explain the life span perspective of development.
- Summarize two theories of life span development.
- Explain how heredity and the environment interact to produce individual differences A minimum of 3 references is required.

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1) Explain the life span perspective of development

Life-span development consists of the survival, growth and developmental changes that takes place originating in infancy and lasting into late adulthood. For example, biological, emotional and social factors interact to influence human development. For instance, within the context of human development three important sources interact to influence the changes taking place across the human life span that include: (1) normal age-related influences (e.g., genetic and hormonal influences affecting the brain, body and nervous system), (2) historical influences (periods or economic and political upheaval [wars and economic depression]) (3) un-expected life events (unusual life occurrences (Baltes, 2000 as cited in Santrock, 2006).

From this perspective of human development, researchers have re-defined life-span development based on changes in human development. One of the changes that affects the study of human development is the fact that people are living much longer. As a result, historical perspectives in which life changes were viewed from infancy to adolescence in regards to intellectual growth and development is no longer valid (Smith & Baltes, 1997). As an example, they conducted a study to observe psychological functioning among the aged. Participants (N=50), at age 77.9 were examined based on profiles of functioning across the constructs of intelligence, personality and self-relation. The results revealed that intellectual development takes place well into advanced stages of aging. The participants were found to be cognitively fits, and extraverted; confirming plasticity (malleability) ...

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Lifespan Development

This solution discusses development across the lifespan. It examines the interaction that takes place between heredity and the environment to influence development