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    heredity and environment

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    Provide at least three ways that heredity and environment are correlated. References

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    Heredity and the Environment

    There are numerous examples of how heredity and the environment interact in order to affect human development. Basically, there is the central idea of nature vs nurture and how this relationship may affect behavior so the ways in which heredity and environment are correlated will always be a function of this interaction.

    Nature refers to genes. Everyone has a unique set of genes which they inherit from their parents that gives them certain physical characteristics and other types of behavioral traits. Often, these are not influenced by the environment. For example, if you have brown eyes it is because you have the genes for brown eyes. Nurture, or the environment, has nothing to do with this. However, nurture (the environment) may have a lot to do with other types of behavioral traits. Nurture refers to the environment you grow up ...

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