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Lifespan Development and Personality

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Developmental psychology seeks to address various aspects of human development, including physical, cognitive, social, moral, and personality development. Discuss the influences on all of these types of development in a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper. Select one of the following stages of development as the focus of your paper:

a. Infancy (birth to 1 year)
b. Childhood (3-12 years)
c. Adolescence (12-20 years)
d. Adulthood (20-65 years)
e. Senior (65+ years)

Address the following in relationship to the stage of development selected:

a. What factors affect physical development? Consider both hereditary and environmental influences. Provide examples.
b. What factors affect cognitive development? Consider both hereditary and environmental influences. Provide examples.
c. What factors affect social, moral, and personality development? Describe the factors by explaining at least two theoretical perspectives associated with moral, social, and personality development.

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// 'Developmental Psychology' deals with the study of various factors of human development, like development of abilities; physical, cognitive, social, moral, personality development etc. Here, we study about various factors affecting different kinds of development. But first, we should begin with a short introduction, which would introduce the topic.here we would consider Here //

Lifespan Development and Personality


The field of development of psychology can be defined as the systematic study of human development in which various psychological changes occur at different stages over the grade of life span in a human being. There are mainly five stages of the psychological development infancy (birth to 1 year), Childhood (3-12 years), Adolescence (12-20 years), Adulthood (20-65 years), Senior (65+ years). Development of a human is different according to the different stages. The field of human development observes changes by addressing the various aspect of human development such as physical development, cognitive development, social and moral understanding and personality development.

// Above we started with a short description of the topic. Now, we would tackle various stages of development. We'll start with the adolescence stage. First we'll begin with a short description of 'Adolescence Stage'. //

Different aspects of development have a different impact on the different stages. This paper is related to the human development in the stage of Adolescence (12-20 years). By means of the following paper, I am going to analyze the influence of various aspects of psychological development in the stage of Adolescence.

Adolescence Stage

Adolescence stage is one of the main stages of a development of child. It can be defined as the middle stage of development, which takes place between the stages of childhood (3-12 years) and adulthood (20-65 years). This is the most intimidating stage of the human development. This period of life can be referred as the onset of teenage years and complete obligation towards the role in the society (Hill, 2008).

In the words of Bjorklund & Pellegrini, it has been described that this stage of human development is known as the development period of the identity of a human being at both the personal level and the social level. The moral purpose of an individual's life is also revealed in this stage of life span only. At this stage, the influences of physical, cognitive, social, moral understanding and personality are different for different people (Bjorklund & Pellegrini, 2000). In this stage, there are mainly three development ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1285 words with references.