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Lifespan Development and Social Change

Explain how understanding lifespan development contributes to developing into a scholar-practitioner who affects social change.

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On Lifespan Development

Lifespan development (LD) refers to the stages that human beings go through from infancy towards adulthood until the completion of the human life when eventually, after late adulthood and the golden years, human beings succumb to age and death. The study of lifespan develop goes beyond chronicling the changes of the physical body - it looks at development in the process of thinking and functioning (cognitive), the kind of situations usually faced at particular stages (social), the experiences and how these experiences, their manner of accumulation, affect socialization, personality, identity and life choices (emotional, ...

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The solution explains how understanding lifespan development can help a scholar-practitioner in becoming an effective social change agent. The topic of life-span development, social change and the concept of a scholar-practitioner are individually discussed. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.