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Lifespan Development Characteristics

Please describe the characteristics of the life-span perspective and help identifying all of the characteristics of the life-span perspective listed below, I have to write a paper and need as much information as possible

Development is Lifelong
Development is Multidimensional
Development is Multidirectional
Development is Plastic
Developmental Science is Multidisciplinary
Development is Contextual
Development involves Growth, Maintenance, and Regulation

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The lifespan perspective argues that significant modifications take place throughout a person's development. The lifelong perspective consists of a development of humans that is multidimensional, multidirectional, plastic, multidisciplinary, and contextual. It also involves Growth, Maintenance and Regulation. These are called the 7 characteristics of the life-span perspective. So what does this mean?

1)Development is Lifelong- Human development is an ongoing process. People are continuously developing beginning at conception, birth (when babies are helpless and dealing with feelings of inferiority, according to Adler) and ...

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The lifespan development for characteristics are determined.