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Adolescent Characteristics

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Discuss the major characteristics of adolescent society. Include information on how aspects of the adolescent phase differs from other phases in the lifespan.

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Adolescent Characteristics:

The adolescent stage in a person's lifespan ranges between the ages of 10-15. It is a stage between the childhood phase and adulthood. The developmental characteristics that are in the adolescent phase have major implications on how they turn out to be as adults. It is on the basis of these characteristics that the adolescents are known to expose certain social behavior. The major distinctive nature of the adolescent society is the height attention that has been placed on their appearance. This is visible on the high rate of weight concerns, clothing styles and facial appearance. The basis for this is because of the various biological changes that take place in this phase of the lifespan such as the alterations in the body size and the emerging of acne (Harder, 2009).

This group of individuals also have the tendencies of holding vague expectations about life that is caused y the lack of defined status. Due to this, the adolescents tend to be more experimental on diverse things ...

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