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Defining Self-esteem & Factors Affecting it in Adolescence

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1.What is self-esteem? How does self-esteem change in adolescence?

2. What characteristics are associated with adolescent development? How have adolescents changed over the last 30 years? How have they remained the same?

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Adolescent development often comes with many changes that influence the individual's perception of the self. This solution discusses certain factors that affect about self-esteem in adolescents.

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1.What is self-esteem? How does self-esteem change in adolescence?

Self-esteem is the way you see yourself, the way you think about yourself, the way you evaluate yourself. The concept of the self begins as early as in the childhood years. Erik Erikson's third stage focuses on initiative vs. guilt. At that stage, the child learns to become independent and tests the world to see how much he is learning. Also, at that stage, the child's autonomy is shaped. If not encouraged properly, a child at that stage may think of themselves as not being "good enough," lack assertiveness, feel guilty, and relentless to take chances and ...

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