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    Variables associated with the risk nd resilience of clients

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    Please provide a brief description of one variable that contributes to the risk and resilience of clients. Then explain why this variable is important to client diagnosis. Finally, explain how this variable might interact with one individual variable in the development of psychopathology. Provide an example.

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    1. A brief description of one variable that contributes to risk and resilience of clients.

    A variable that contributes to risk and resilience of clients is self-concept. In contemporary psychology, self-concept refers to beliefs regarding one's nature, unique qualities, and behavior. In other words, self-concept refers to how persons perceive themselves, their abilities, and their characteristics and behavior. For instance, research indicates that identity development reaches its crucial state during adolescence in which boys and girls encounter cognitive and physical changes as they strive from acceptance from othersk & Peterson, 1996). They found that resiliency in children lies is the capacity of those who are exposed to identifiable risk factors to overcome the risk. For example, they can avoid negative outcomes such as delinquency and behavioral problems, psychological maladjustment, or physical complaints. Further, according to Rak and Peterson, at risk children may encounter environmental stressors such as poverty, personal stress, family discord, parental divorce, alcoholism, or parental mental illness. Yet, they remain resilient in the face of these barriers that can impact their psychological and social well-being. As Rak and Peterson further explain this resilience is based on the capacity to understand self and self-boundaries in ways that can be ...

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    A description is provided in this solution of the variables that provide the risk and resilience of clients that may be significant to their treatment and/or diagnosis.