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Imagine you have been contacted by a local job service to present information on wellness and resilience to its employees and administration. The supervisor is hoping to prevent "burn-out" among these professionals. Create an outline for your presentation and discuss your rationale for including specific topics. Be sure to support your points with peer-reviewed literature in your text.

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Impacts of Policy Change: How the Recovery Model will Transform Traditional Roles of Organizations, Therapists, and Clients. By: Mueller, Dale; Mueller, Tanya. International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities & Nations, May2007, Vol. 6 Issue 6, p123-130

New Model for Wellness and Resilience within Mental Health Care profession:

Recovery Model:
A. The model that can elicit organizational and community commitment from mental healthcare professionals is a new approach toward wellness and recovery for mental health patients predicated upon allowing collaboration between all stakeholders within the process for the betterment of the patient.
B. Stakeholders include the community, patients, ...

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