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    Adlerian Theory and addiction context

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    Provide a brief description of the counseling theory that most resonates with you and explain why. Then, explain how you might apply this theory to a group within your specialization (e.g., career counseling, addictions counseling, forensic counseling).

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    First, the Adlerian addiction counseling approach is highly appealing since resilience exemplifies a major underpinning as well as its family-based emphasis. Both concepts resonate strongly with me in my practice. For example, this theory is quite relevant for integration with a group in addictions counseling since it helps to properly and specific channel "...the resilience families possess and use their assets as tools of intervention within family counseling" (Milliren & Barrett-Kruse, 2002, p. 225.). The ...

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    This posting briefly includes 300 words of notes and references to justify why Adlerian theory can greatly facilitate the addiction counseling approach.