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Alfred Adler and Bella Swan

1) What are Adler's primary theories/concepts about personality?

2) Using these theories/concepts of personality to analyze Bella Swan's personality, what are 6-7 examples from the Twilight films (not books) that illustrate these theories/concepts.

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1. As you summarize Adler's primary theories/concepts about personality, he proposes a positive view of human nature and personality. He insists that individuals have the power and ability to control their own fates, so he is proactive in nature. He seems one's personality in a social context as one tries to help others in terms of social interest and investment. He looks at lifestyle, early interactions with family members, peers, teachers, and other social aspects in order to assess one's role of inferiority and superiority in their lives.
Adler further suggests that people "construct" or formulate our own reality based on our own way of viewing the ...

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Alfred Adler's theory is applied to Bella Swan's character.