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Important information about Albert Adler and Birth Order

Given the birth order of a family of six siblings, describe the birth order the 5th child according Albert Alder theory.

1). Give a brief example of, and describe how that 5th child experiences might be different from the rest of their siblings because of their birth order in that family of six based on Albert Adler and Birth Order theory.

2). How might their birth order have influenced their adult personality?

3). Discuss one other concept or contribution of Adler to the field of psychology that is significant? and

4). Why or what makes Alder's concept or contribution to the field of psychology so significant. Support your discussion with scholarly references

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Alfred Adler and the Birth Order Theory:

Alfred Adler noted that the birth order of children in a family played a critical role in determining their personalities. Given a family of six siblings, for instance in my aunt's family, the experiences of the fifth child are different from the rest of the siblings in the family. Not only is she rebellious and more independent with a laid back attitude, but also enrolls in a lot of singing auditions. Based on Albert Adler's theory on birth order, this child is a middle child who is not pampered or gets a lot of attention from either siblings or parents. According to Adler these children become ...

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The solution discusses the Albert Alder theory. An analysis of how birth order has influence on adult personalities is given.