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Alfred Adler Personality Analysis of Bella from Twilight

1) How would Alfred Adler view the behavior of Bellla?

2) What are Adler's primary theories/concepts about personality that would apply to Bella?

3) Why is Adler's approach accurate at explaining Bella?

4) How would Adler's theories of personality be used to analyze Bella?

5) How would a psychologists, such as Adler, describe her character?

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1. From an Adlerian viewpoint, he might suggest that Bella's behaviors result from her internal interactions and conflicts, ultimately based on her ego. By having Bella look at how her unique motivations such as how her desire to become a vampire is fueled by her nature ego or strong sense of competitiveness within herself, it might unlock some of her mysteries and behaviors.

An Alderian view of Bella might further see that her social conditions, especially her alliance with Edward and the Cullens, are causing strong deep disturbances in personality. This theory might also explain how Bella's view of reality is not as important as she individually perceives it to be.

An Alderian might also show Bella that her childhood perception of her parents' divorce might also determine and affect her current behavior as well her present perceptions about life and love.

It seems like a lot of Bella's self worth derives from her social "connectedness" with the Cullens as well as a bit from ...

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