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    Case study of using Alder Theory

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    After watching the counseling session with Stan, utilize the study materials to analyze the following for either psychoanalytic or Adlerian theory: What techniques did the counselor use with Stan that are specific to the theory? How did those techniques align with and support the key concepts and main goal of the therapy approach?

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    The counselor working with Stan is using Adlerian theory in his counseling sessions. Adlerian theory is a technique approach, combining cognitive, constructivist, existential, psychodynamic, and systems perspectives (**book citation**). Ways of doing this is to put an emphasis on establishing a respectful client-therapist relationship, an emphasis on clients' strengths and resources, and an optimistic and future orientation. A positive point into using the Adlerian therapy is that it could be altered and changed throughout the therapy depending on the direction(s) the client is going. The Adlerian approach gives practitioners a great deal of freedom in working with clients (**book citation**).

    The Adlerian theory using four stages of counseling: establishing and maintaining a good working relationship with the client, exploring client's dynamics, encouraging client to develop insight and understanding, ...

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