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    Adlerian perspective on Mother Teresa

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    • Choose a social or political leader (current or past) to examine through an Adlerian framework of superiority striving and style of life.

    o Superiority Striving
    • What might be the motivation behind this leader's career choice, according to Adler's theory? What was this person's perceived inferiority or weakness? How did this person obtain his or her high level of superiority striving? For example, Franklin Roosevelt's bout with polio may have been responsible for some of his motivation.

    o Style of Life
    • What was his/her goal and unique style of life that could be used to achieve this goal? What steps did this person take to overcome their perceived inferiority?
    • Did this leader act out of social interest or for personal gain? What was the long-term outcome of his/her striving?

    o Birth Order
    • How would you apply Adler's theory of birth order to this personality?

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    Adlerian concept of superiority striving:
    -Striving from Minus to Plus (refer to The General system of Individual Psychology- Overview and summary of classical Adlerian theory and current practice by Alfred Adler , edited by H. T. Stein , 2006)- This Adlerian concept is understanding inferiority complex and how it is a motivating and stimulating state that moves people towards superiority and evolves their personality and strives to reach a goal of perfection or striving to overcome. This striving helps the person feel worthwhile and moves towards cooperation ...

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    Using an Adlerian framework of superiority striving and style of life to understand social leaders such as Mother Teresa.